How to Recover the Damaged Word Files

13 Nov

1. Copy the original document to the new document. You can copy all the document content except mark of the last paragraph to a new document. Word has saved a large amount of information on the paragraph mark, and the last paragraph mark in the document contains more information, including the critical section and the patterns of data. In many cases, the last paragraph mark in the Word document also contains the failure information of document. At this time, copy then content except the last paragraph mark to the new document can solve the problem.

Recover Damaged Word Files

2. Save the entire document to another format, such as low version Word document, RTF, HTML or WPS. Although this may result in the loss of some elements which are only supported by Word document format, this often can solve problems. Split the document to several parts, and copy them to a new document, each time for one part. And save the new document every time. This can help you probably find the location of the document destruction information. Under normal circumstances, problems existed only in a image which may no great importance. Get rid of these problem areas, and copy all the other elements can save the document as much as possible.

3. Use the “file” command in the “insert menu” in a new document to insert a corrupted document in a new document.

4. Browse the file in draft mode. Click on the “option” command under the “tools” menu, then click on the “view” tab in the “options” dialog box, and then select the “draft font” check box, and click “OK” button.

5. Use “recover text from any file” function. When the Word file is damaged, you can use “recover text from any file” function to open it. In version Word2000 and above, “recover text from any file” functions is a default part when installing. If not, you can install in again. This function can be very effective, but it will clear other objects besides the text. In addition, you need to be reminded that, in the using of “recover text from any file” function, you must adjust the setting to original setting which is in the drop-down “file type” menu, otherwise Word will use this function to deal with the next file you open.

6. Use “detection and repair” function. in Word, we can repair the damaged file with the “detection and repair” function. Click the “detection and repair” command which is under the “help” menu. Run the repair procedure, it can automatically check and re-install the files and registry entries which are needed when successfully run the Word. It also can detect and repair the difference between the original installation repair and the current state in the computer of users, and also can handle the exist problems.

If you have tried the above six methods but your Word document still can’t be opened, I think you may need a Word Recover Software. A professional such program can help you easily open your damaged Word files. If you need, here is guide for you to refer: Recover .doc/.docx files.

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